Space Planner

Imagine a tool that is flexible enough to help you plot the perfect spot for your new shed, layout your backyard, and plan table arrangement for your daughter’s wedding reception. Now imagine it online, available any time you need it, and ready to save and print plans on command. Enter—the Lifetime Space Planner. The Lifetime Space planner gives anyone from backyard do-it-yourselfers to event-planning entrepreneurs a valuable tool to plan layouts for rooms, banquet halls, backyards, sheds —virtually any space!

Example plans have already been made to give you ideas and help get you started on how to use the Lifetime Space Planner, but feel free to customize the rooms to fit your needs. Users have the ability to create a login, drag and drop generic items and Lifetime Products onto a space plan that they create, and save and print their plans anytime. The Lifetime Space Planner is free to use, so launch now and start planning!

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