Got some questions? We've learned that there are some questions that people ask a lot, so we've put them all in one convenient location on this page. If you can't find the answers you're looking for here, please contact our Customer Service department at 1-800-225-3865 and let us help you.

Why doesn’t backyardsinc.com sell products on its website?

We do not sell Lifetime Products on backyardsinc.com because they are all available on our online catalog at buylifetime.com. Buylifetime has the most up-to-date information on the web for Lifetime products.

How do I see all the products that Backyards Inc sells?

Most of the products that are sold in Backyards stores will be on buyLifetime.com.  The exception may be a few products that do not ship very well (like our wooden playsets and sheds).  Those products will only be found on price sheets in the Products section of the website, or of course, you are welcome to visit one of our Backyard stores and browse through the showroom.

What is the “Space Planner”?

Now you have the ability to drag and drop Lifetime Products and various generic items onto a space planner that you create and customize to meet your needs; for example, a banquet hall or outdoor area. Your customized space planner can be saved and accessed anytime. The Lifetime Space Planner is free to use without loading additional software.

How do I buy a product online or have a product shipped to me?

You can buy a product online by going to our online catalog at buylifetime.com. and it will be delivered to you with no additional shipping costs.

Can I leave a review about a product?

If you're really impressed with a Lifetime Product that you've purchased, we would appreciate it if you would take a minute to submit a review on buylifetime.com. By the same token, if you are frustrated or disappointed with a Lifetime product, we would also appreciate your comments. Reviews are a valuable connection between the company and our customers. Helpful reviews are passed along to our engineers and product managers so that they are aware of what customers appreciate and what improvements need to be made to keep our customers satisfied.

Do you offer installation services?

We do not offer installation services through our store, but you can find such handyman services through your telephone directory, online directory, or newspaper classified ads.

What are the advantages of polyethylene products?

Lifetime products are made from polyethylene. Polyethylene is a high-density plastic that is virtually indestructible. It will not chip, crack, peel, or dent and requires little to no maintenance. The polyethylene we use at Lifetime Products is also UV protected to reduce heat retention so our products will not fade or warp.

What is BIFMA?

BIFMA stands for Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturing Association. BIFMA sets industry
standards for commercial grade furniture. Most Lifetime tables & chairs exceed all BIFMA standards.

What does "powder-coated steel" mean?

At Lifetime Products we use a powder coating process on our steel frames which coats the bare metal with an electro-statically charged powder. It is then baked at a high temperature. Powder coating is the most durable coloring process available on the market and aids in resistance to rust and weather damage so Lifetime products can be used outdoors as well as indoors.

What does "UV-protected" mean?

Lifetime tables & chairs are constructed with UV (ultra violet) inhibitors to resist heat retention and prevent fading and cracking when exposed to the sunlight for a prolonged period of time. This UV protection makes Lifetime products ideal for outdoor as well as indoor use.

How do I remove the adhesive label?

To remove adhesive labels without harming the finish on your table or chair, rub vegetable cooking oil into
the label to soften the adhesive so that you can lift the label off of the product. After removing the
label, use a cloth to wash away the excess oil with dish soap and warm water. If any sticky residue
remains on the product, we suggest using a non-scratching pad, like Scotch Brite or Dobie, or a
glue solvent such as Goo Gone.

What kind of shed foundation do you recommended?

A Lifetime Shed must be built on a flat, level surface. We recommend a cement surface. Other options
are a wooden platform or a wooden frame packed with pea gravel. For additional information, contact our Customer Service department at 1-800-225-3865.

What do I do if the bolt won't fit through the hole?

The bracket holes in our products are sized to prevent excess play. But our products are also coated with a very durable and heavy powder coating for weather protection. If that coating has been applied too thickly around the bolt holes, you may experience difficulty with inserting the bolts through the bracket holes. If so, begin threading the bolt through the bracket hole, and then lightly tap the bolt into the bracket hole with a mallet or hammer.

Is my tempered glass backboard under warranty?

The tempered glass playing surface on Lifetime backboards is not covered under warranty. While tempered glass has the advantage of providing the ultimate in rebounding performance, it has the disadvantage of being breakable if struck with a projectile. Our tempered glass backboards are similar to a car windshield in that they are a very durable design for normal use, but if penetrated, will shatter. For this reason, we cannot warranty our tempered glass backboards because they are susceptible to vandalism.

Should I put antifreeze in my portable basketball base?

DO NOT put antifreeze in the base of your portable basketball system. Antifreeze poses a high risk to pets and children, so any leakage could be fatal. The polyethylene plastic we use in the construction of the roller bases on our portable basketball systems allows for expansion if the water inside the base freezes during the winter so no special treatment is necessary. 

What do I need for an in-ground basketball installation?

For an in-ground basketball system, you will need to purchase concrete and one 1/2" x 3' piece of rebar (a
steel rod used in the cementing process). Expect to wait 72 hours for the cement to dry completely before
using the inground basketball system. We also recommend purchasing a Ground Sleeve which can be
purchased from our line of Basketball accessories. A Ground Sleeve is a hollow steel cylinder cemented
vertically into the ground for the pole to sit in. You will simply slip the pole into the Ground Sleeve, and
a bolt or a tab will lock it into place. To remove the pole, you will just have to unlock the bolt or remove
the tab and slide it out. *Some city ordinances require the use of a Ground Sleeve when installing an inground basketball system.

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